Donald at the Bat – Day 875, The Last Straw?

Day 875, The Last Straw?


Her knife is getting sharper as Pelosi whets its edge.

And there is Donald’s septic tank, which Nancy has to dredge.

There’s so much shit to shovel through, as Hercules once did.  (1)

Fermenting feces finally may blow impeachment’s lid.


Trump shows us his intelligence, relying on his gut.

He’d be much better off if his GI tract were held shut.

A tweet or fart is policy, and sometimes criminal,

Which Trump announces right out loud; it’s not subliminal.


A candidate may not receive from foreign governments,

Donations or a “thing of value,” like emoluments.

But Donald says that that’s OK; the FBI is wrong,

And even some Republicans say that they won’t go along.


The Donald mentioned Norway, if they had “info” for him,

Why, certainly he’d take a look; there’s nothing to condemn.

(Since Norway’s border in the Arctic, touches Russia’s line.)

(The “dirt” might be from Vladimir, which Donald thinks is fine.)


If Congress or the FBI wants to investigate,

Then Trump will ask his AG to stall and intimidate.

The President’s the Emperor; so he’s above the law.

That’s one more reason for impeachment; is it the last straw?


The press is up in arms; the folks at MSNBC

And “WaPo” and the “failing New York Times” cry, “Lunacy!

“Trump just admitted what he did and he’d do it again.

“Impeach him and remove him to join Cohen in the pen.”


Another rat has left the ship as Sarah Sanders jumped.

Has Sarah had it with the fact her self-respect was trumped?

Were Donald’s comments yesterday just too much to wade through?

And are there simply certain things that some bilge rats won’t do?


(1)  See Hercules and his fifth labor, cleaning the Augean stables.