Donald at the Bat – Day 874, Foreign Help

Day 874, Foreign Help


The Congress can’t investigate the president at all.

Trump’s lawyers made this argument.  But was it just to stall?

The Constitution says the Congress may have oversight.

Trump’s lawyers say they don’t, so now the courts must make the call.


In an election, Trump just said that he’ll take foreign help.

And that admission has produced a Democratic yelp.

Republicans, as usual, just had another drink.

And those who haven’t sold their soul, just don’t know what to think.


The Donald got such help before, from Russia, as we know.

His reasoning, as he just said, was, “That’s how these things go.”

So here’s a question we should ask: what of Steele’s “dossier?”

So what if Hillary had used it?  Trump said that’s OK.


Now our election’s heating up and Trump says, “Come on down.”

For everyone is welcome to come down and help the crown.

The president can make the rules.  Who needs the FBI?

Trump doesn’t want them cleaning up his ethical pig sty.