Donald at the Bat – Day 873, Trump vs Biden

Day 873, Trump vs. Biden


With twenty Democratic candidates

And lots of polls to show how each one rates,

Though right now, six of them lead Donald Trump,

Joe Biden is the one that Trump berates.


Joe Biden is the one Trump needs to roast,

For Biden is the one Trump fears the most.

Ten points or more behind in recent polls,

Against Joe Biden, Donald may be toast.


And, polls show several others have an edge,

Like Sanders, Warren, Harris, Buttigieg.

But now Trump wants to focus his attack,

(While Russian bots help hammer in a wedge?)


Is Vladimir enjoying Donald’s reign?

Will Putin help Trump win this next campaign?

He helped Trump win before and now he sees

The EU, NATO circling the drain.


We know campaigns may use AI today (1)

To show folks saying things they didn’t say.

And even Zuckerberg, the Facebook czar,

Was prey to AI, much to his dismay.


A mouse that roars, a lion that just squeaks:

That’s likely, using new AI techniques.

Will fooling and suppressing voters win?

With votes determined by computer geeks?


(1)  AI, artificial intelligence: computer programming techniques that make it possible to make videos of anyone that appear to be saying things they never said.