Donald at the Bat – Day 876, Sarah and Kellyanne

Day 876, Sarah and Kellyanne


Sarah Sanders says she’s leaving;

Kellyanne ought to be fired.

Neither one provokes much grieving,

Just like others Trump has hired.


Sarah Sanders, tired of lying,

Will head home to Arkansas.

From her day job of denying

Someone broke another law.


Kellyanne, a willing liar,

Violated the Hatch Act.

When she’s caught with pants on fire,

She says, “Just a different fact.”


Sarah Sanders, bathing kiddies,

Trying to wash off the slime,

Sarah, knitting with old biddies,

Kelly may be doing time.


Sarah won’t be prosecuted

Just for lying all the time.

Trump says Conway won’t be booted;

When was breaking laws a crime?


Goodbye, Sarah; hang on Kelly;

Both had tough jobs to discharge.

Though your service has been smelly,

You will both remain at large.