Donald at the Bat – Day 877, Are the Gods Crazy?

Day 877, Are the Gods Crazy?


Was it the god of comedy,

Perhaps god of psychology,

Who chose to challenge human worth

By giving Earth the Donald’s birth?


Can we discern the god’s intent?

Psychology experiment?

To test if we’re a land of laws,

Inflicting Trump and his scofflaws?


They lie; they cheat; as we have seen.

And some of them are downright mean,

All looking to enrich themselves.

(Laws gather dust on Bill Barr’s shelves.)


Trump’s base supporters say, “That’s fine,

“As long,” they add, “as I’ve got mine.”

Do gods shake their heads in disgust?

Has their experiment gone bust?


A third of us just do not care,

Or lack the sense to be aware

Of dangers to democracy

From Donald Trump’s autocracy.


The gods gaze at our human plight,

Some laughing at our futile fight,

As what began as comedy

Is turning into tragedy.


To Dionysius, pray, “No more! (1)

“Is that what you put Trump here for?

“How can we ever learn the play,

“When your script changes every day?”


Democracy cannot exist

When governed by a narcissist.

But, what the hell?  Don’t be a grump.

Sing, “Happy Birthday, Donald Trump!”


(1)  Dionysius is the Greek god of theater, revelry, wine, fertility, religious ecstasy, and so forth, an interesting mixture.