Donald at the Bat – Day 882, Joe Biden’s Gaffe?

Day 882, Joe Biden’s Gaffe?


Joe Biden’s had to work with racists; he would still today.

Obama got elected; then we heard McConnell say,

Obama would serve just one term, his top priority.

Although McConnell failed, we know he meant no comity.


McConnell’s not the only one; now Donald sets the tone.

You’d be mistaken if you think it’s just these two alone.

Republicans, in general, are mostly one shade: white,

White Power, White Supremacy, both creatures of the right.


Suppressing voters is a problem, mostly in Red States.

Who gets suppressed?  The dark-skinned folks are locked outside the gates.

Trump ran against the brown-skinned folks who come up from the South,

His racist motive, not in doubt, straight from the horse’s mouth.


As if to emphasize the point we put them in a cage,

Which AOC called, “concentration camps,” to great outrage,

Not at the caging, mind you but when she employed that term,

Right wing apologists exploded; AOC stood firm.


Since AOC is beige herself, it’s like she poked a bear.

Republicans roared in defiance; she found something there.

They said her charges were all false; no Nazi death camps here.

And no one ever said so; “concentration” makes that clear.


They’re not extermination camps but we’ve done this before

To Japanese Americans back in the last world war. (1)

Before that, it was Indians, in places like Fort Sill (2)

If your race or color isn’t white, we will do it still.


So, who’s upset with AOC?  She called the right wing out.

And their reaction to her words should leave you without doubt.

They’re angry that she spoke the truth and showed just who they are:

Both soft and hard core racists; slavery left an ugly scar.


(1)  American citizens of Japanese descent were “interned” in many camps all over the country during World War II.  One of my medical school professors, Harvey Itano, was confined to Camp Manzanar in California after he graduated first in his class from UC Berkeley.  He was not allowed to go to his college graduation and receive his honor so the Chancellor of the university came to Manzanar to give it to him personally.

My medical school roommate, Henry Kanemoto, was born in another “internment camp.”

(2)  Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  It was established in 1869, during the “Indian Wars.”