Donald at the Bat – Day 883, War with Iran?

Day 883, War with Iran?


We’re beating on the drums to fight Iran.

It started when the “reign” of Trump began.

John Bolton would attack; he knows we beat Iraq

But we’re still stuck there like Afghanistan.


Iran is evil, funding terrorists.

It does no good to slap them on the wrists.

It seems that nothing works; can’t reason with these jerks,

The only thing they’ll understand is fists.


The nuclear deal that Obama signed

Was simply torture to the Donald’s mind.

It’s part of Donald’s plan; he must erase that man,

So Donald wiped the deal on his behind.


It’s no surprise that Donald broke the deal.

In his own deals, he’s slippery as an eel.

All deals Obama made, Trump feels he must degrade,

They’re pure red meat Trump masticates with zeal.


Iran blew holes in tankers with their mines,

At least we think they were the masterminds.

These tankers weren’t our ships; we won’t bet all our chips

And will not kick them yet in their behinds.


But now they shot our drone down: “Big mistake!”

A reckless action for Iran to take.

We’ll spy on them at will and they should just keep still.

The world awaits the next move Trump will make.


This time Trump said, “We’re ready to hit back.”

But then he said he called off the attack.

Too many folks might die; hold off the battle cry.

Deaths for an unmanned drone, the main drawback.


The Middle East is just an awful mess.

What happens next is anybody’s guess.

Comparing penis lengths as measures of our strengths,

Is all testosterone, not playing chess.