Donald at the Bat – Day 881, Trumpo’s Re-election Campaign

Day 881, Trump’s Re-election Campaign


The president has just kicked off his re-election bid.

You shouldn’t have much trouble guessing what the Donald did.

He brought up all the old themes that he knows excite his crowd.

Although polls show him losing, Donald Trump remains unbowed.


It’s, “Lock her up,” and, “It’s a hoax.  The press is all fake news.”

Trump sounds just like a fascist (but a great friend to the Jews.)

“There’s no collusion, no obstruction; we should build a wall.

“If Mexico won’t pay for it, then we’ll deport them all.”


“Roll back those regulations, ‘specially those from that black man.

“For climate change is just a hoax that socialists began.

“Let’s drill for oil and dig for coal and fill the sky with smoke.

“Environmental regulations are a left-wing joke.”


“The Democrats are evil people; they must all be feared.”

The crowd applauded, hooted, howled.  They chanted, cheered, and jeered.

It was ideal for Donald Trump, to stand in the spotlight.

Applause and cheers washed over him, a narcissistic fright.


“Impeachment ought to be illegal; Trump did nothing wrong.

“If Norway (Russia) offers help, then Trump will play along.

“Chris Wray was wrong when he said you must tell the FBI.

“The Senate won’t pass such a law.”  (McConnell’s Donald’s guy.)


Without new programs to propose, Trump’s strategy is clear.

When Democrats have made their choice, then he’ll know whom to smear.

Right now it’s Biden in the lead but it’s not locked up yet,

So Trump keeps smearing Hillary like she’s his greatest threat.


The campaign will be muddy, fecal, fought in a pigsty.

The “issues” will not matter; just tear down the other guy.

When you’re a man like Donald Trump, that’s all that you can do:

You smear the other candidate so they look worse than you.