Donald at the Bat – Day 870, The Senate’s Constipation

Day 870, The Senate’s Constipation


The Senate is so constipated;

And Democrats are so frustrated;

McConnell has let nothing pass

Out of his right-wing Senate’s ass

But judges that Trump nominated.


McConnell’s style: total obstruction,

Complements the Donald’s destruction

Of all our standard social norms,

Thus giving us two perfect storms

And democracy’s deconstruction.


Since Mitch is intent on obstructing,

There’s no difficulty deducting

He simply cannot legislate

Much less, he also won’t debate

Bills anyone else is constructing.


Denying the Russian intrusion,

Maintaining there was no collusion,

Although it’s clear Russians infect,

Until now, no bills to protect

Have passed to curb Donald’s delusion.


We know Donald just wants attention,

By now an accepted convention.

Since McConnell closed up his shop,

We can see there’s nothing to stop

The Donald’s relentless ascension.


Kentucky’s not yet motivated

That Mitch has to be terminated.

But we know, if Mitch should return,

It means we’ll get further heartburn.

And anal squeeze still unabated.


Impeachment should be contemplated,

Perhaps Donald incarcerated.

But, if Mitch McConnell’s still there,

The first option above has no prayer,

The second, not even debated.