Donald at the Bat – Day 869, The Narcissisitic Black Hole

Day 869, The Narcissistic Black Hole


Is ignorance a shining star

That one should wear with pride?

It clearly tells us who you are,

The deep black hole inside.


Where information’s squeezed into

Forms we don’t recognize,

Where one plus one’s no longer two

And truth is squeezed to lies.


The Milky Way rotates around

A central, huge black hole.

However, Earth and life are found

Outside the hole’s control.


Intelligence arose away

From black hole gravity.

When black holes swallow up their prey,

Death is a certainty.


Are narcissists a human form

Of black hole here on Earth?

Perhaps they are a perfect storm

Whose ill winds test our worth.


Black holes and perfect storms destroy

All those who get too near.

They eat highborn and hoi polloi.

Woe to all near their sphere.


Black holes just swallow, don’t give back;

Just heat that they emit.

Attraction really is attack;

You’re then compressed to shit.


All should beware of narcissists

And their digestive tracts.

No portal of escape exists.

To Donald, we’re just snacks.