Donald at the Bat – Day 863, The Battle for Our Democracy

Day 863, The Battle for Our Democracy


The President is desperate to be an autocrat.

Congressional Republicans have shown they’re fine with that.

The Constitution and free Press: Trump’s had enough of those.

There’s nothing so annoying as a “small d” democrat.


The government’s divided into three, coequal parts.

The Constitution planted this deep in our minds and hearts.

But Donald Trump would be a king and Pope rolled into one,

And we would sing his praises every time he tweets and farts.


Take Steve Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury,

Now he has broken federal law and he’s still walking free.

He won’t give Congress Donald’s taxes, though law says he must.

When Donald Trump is backing him, he’s free to disagree.


And William Barr at DOJ, has just defied a court.

He said, “No,” to a federal judge.  For Barr, the law’s a sport.

Barr’s minions told the judge, “Your order is not relevant.”

And, like Mnuchin, Barr’s assured that he has Trump’s support.


Defy the Congress and the courts.  Free Press, the enemy.

Now, any opposition will be viewed as blasphemy.

The Donald fights a three-front war and, guess what?  He might win.

For day by day, we grow accustomed to Trump’s infamy.


We are the frog in water.  Donald’s turning up the heat.

It’s getting hotter every day; will we be boiled meat?

Trump lies and cheats; when that is normal, we will have been cooked.

We’ll be ground meat in cheeseburgers  that Donald likes to eat.