Donald at the Bat – Day 864, Reason vs Tweets

Day 864, Reason vs Tweets


We’re learning reason doesn’t win,

That tweet rants win instead.

Does that explain the mess we’re in?

We swallow crap we’re fed?


Emotional appeals attract;

That’s what the data show.

So nonsense triumphs over fact;

I guess that’s how things go.


It’s tough to make the truth appeal

When folks don’t want to think,

Explaining Trump’s, “Art of the Deal,”

Which just gives facts a wink.


The fact that Trump might win again

Is very real, “they say,”

This most despicable of men,

Who’s driven truth away.


All these prognosticators, dour:

When, “They say,” who are “they?”

They’re students of the art of power

And most fear Trump could stay.


Some voters just invite Trump’s lies,

Like flies are draw to shit.

Such focally attracted flies

Are filled up, bit by bit.


Such nourishment supports more flies

Until they form a swarm.

And, sadly, right before our eyes,

Bullshit becomes the norm.


So, how can we make reason fun?

Give truth some sex appeal?

We have to nominate someone

Who shows us truth is real.