Donald at the Bat – Day 862, Hide the John McCain

Day 862, Hide the John McCain


When Trump was in Japan, they ordered, “Hide the John McCain.”

Though Trump said he knew nothing, that’s his standard, old refrain.

His staff was “well-intentioned.”  They know how much Donald hates

To see the name, McCain, hero of the United States.


Though Donald dodged the draft, McCain went sailing off to war,

Just as his father and grandfather had done years before.

McCain was shot down, captured, tortured; Trump was getting laid.

It’s interesting comparing “sacrifices” each man made.


When Donald tried to kill Obamacare, McCain said, “No.”

That added to the jealousy; McCain became Trump’s foe.

And Donald could not stand it after John McCain had died,

To see John honored as a hero; Trump’s ego was fried.


So, hide the John McCain from him or Donald might melt down.

It’s only for a few days; Trump will not be long in town.

The Narcissist in Chief is fragile; while he’s President,

We must be extra careful to prevent an incident.