Donald at the Bat – Day 861, Donald’s Agitated State

Day 861, Donald’s Agitated State


Trump has been agitated since Bob Mueller chose to speak.

Bob’s probe made Donald’s anus wince; it was no gentle tweak.

For Bob did not exonerate, which Donald now concedes,

So Donald has to castigate all Bob’s supposed misdeeds.


Do you like facts, research, and law, or slogans, short and sweet?

We humans have a common flaw; some brains prefer a tweet.

Those folks who draw conclusions from well-researched documents

Will find they cannot overcome a slogan-based defense.


The Donald specializes in the narcissistic tweet.

That’s been his strategy to win, distortion and deceit.

He understands his base quite well; they do not analyze.

They don’t think Trump will go to Hell if he keeps telling lies.


The thing that makes Trump’s ego yelp, the narcissistic cost,

Is that he needed Russian help, or else, he might have lost.

Trump can’t admit a Russian hack gave him the victory.

It’s that concept he must attack; he lives on flattery.


The Donald is a self-made man, a lie that’s been exposed,

So Trump demands a mulligan; he cannot stay composed.

We used to think that Trump most fears he’ll be caught in a crime.

But that’s not true; for it appears, ‘twas ego all the time.


‘Twas narcissism all this time that made Trump cry out, “Hoax!”

The Donald thinks it is a crime; to be the butt of jokes.

He’s not that rich and not self-made; it’s not about the laws.

When he’s found out, his star will fade, no crowds and no applause.


Donald, autocrat wannabe, likes Putin and likes Kim.

The problem that he cannot see is they are playing him.

Though Donald thinks he’s making friends with Earth’s dictator class,

We’ve seen that every time Trump bends, they kick him in the ass.