Donald at the Bat – Day 860, Mueller’s Statement

Day 860, Mueller’s Statement


Bob Mueller, in his statement said the Russians interfered.

Obstructing Bob’s investigation, Trump could not be cleared.

It wasn’t up to Mueller to indict the president.

Impeachment is for Congress.  (Their right wing’s intransigent.)


Bob wrote down all he has to say; it’s there for us to read,

Four hundred forty pages, Congress should have all they need.

If Bob is asked to testify, here’s all he will address,

He’ll tell the Congress what he wrote; that’s all, no more, no less.


If Congress tries to catch Bob’s pass, will Donald interfere?

Just like he did with Mueller’s probe, the answer’s crystal clear.

When Congress holds its hearings, the Republican defense

Will hold and trip and bite and gouge, but make no legal sense.


Defying all subpoenas, Donald Trump will go to court.

That’s how he ran his businesses: defy, delay, distort.

Will he defy court orders when he loses his appeals?

His whole life has been telling us that’s how the Donald deals.