Donald at the Bat – Day 859, Trump in Japan

Day 859, Trump in Japan


Trump says Joe Biden has a low IQ

And he says Kim Jong Un has said so, too.

Before they found the love that they now share,

Kim called the Donald, “Dotard,” and love grew.


When Trump was in Japan, Kim said, “Beware!”

And fired some rockets up into the air.

John Bolton was pissed off; Trump stayed serene,

Heart full of pride at, “the rockets’ red glare.”


When Donald Trump was chipping to the green,

There’s no way Kim Jong Un was acting mean.

The rockets were how Kim chose to salute

Our president; their love is still pristine.


So, let John Bolton go off on a toot,

While Donald Trump stays calm and resolute.

Trump doesn’t care just whom he might insult,

When he sides with those who tell him he is cute.


So, will the Donald have a good result?

Will he appeal to more than just his cult?

Do we have cause to question Trump’s IQ?

Or why he can’t behave like an adult?


For, ever since Trump made his grand debut,

He searches for new folks to sue and screw.

Good for our country?  Donald doesn’t care.

Show him the money; that’s all he’ll pursue.