Donald at the Bat – Day 857, Lindsey and Mitch

Day 857, Lindsey and Mitch


Hey, Lindsey, can you keep your job if you don’t kiss Trump’s ass?

We see where your nose is right now; the image is so crass.

Can Mitch McConnell hold his job if he just obstipates? (1)

Have both of you now de-evolved back to invertebrates?


The Donald is unstable, uninformed, a lifelong crook.

It isn’t very hard to see; you only have to look.

Have Graham and McConnell lost their sense of sight and smell?

Does either of them worry that they both might burn in hell?


The opposite of Midas, what Trump touches turns to shit

And Graham has to understand that; he is no dimwit.

Does Lindsey think his voters are all racists, bigots, fools?

Perhaps he’s really comfortable when swimming in cesspools.


McConnell mastered just one skill; he knows how to obstruct.

He constipates the Congress which Trump hopes will self-destruct.

Does Mitch think his Kentuckians are just like Graham’s folks?

Do they believe Trump’s “Russia thing,” is just a liberal hoax?


By now we’ve heard and read about the Russian hack attack.

If we don’t deal with Russian interference, they’ll be back.

And Donald knows it too.  The problem is, he might need them.

He knows that Putin helped before and Putin favors him.


As Mitch and Lindsey kiss Trump’s ass, they know they are disgraced.

Who knew that these two good old boys would like that Russian taste?

Is power so seductive that these men will cast aside

All principles they said they had or have they always lied?


(1)  Obstipation: complete constipation.