Donald at the Bat – DAy 848a, Chaos Theory

Day 848, Chaos Theory


Mike Flynn’s cooperation was unsealed.

Collusion and obstruction look much worse.

Now we can read all that Mike Flynn revealed

As Trump and his attorneys start to curse.


And next, will Robert Mueller testify?

(For House Judiciary summoned him.)

Though Donald said that no one should comply,

The chances he’ll prevail are rather slim.


Will Donald Trump distract us with a war?

He’s thinking he might turn John Bolton loose

To bomb Iran as Bolton urged before.

Right now, they’re looking hard for an excuse.


The stew is boiling and Trump stirs the pot.

Not satisfied, he’s turning up the flame.

Will it boil over when it gets too hot?

Does Donald understand his dangerous game?


The red states all push tough abortion bans.

They want to get their laws to the Supremes.

Conception and delivery in God’s hands—

That’s long been one of their religious dreams.


We need to study chaos theory

To understand the game that Donald plays.

For Donald wants no rules, no referee.

Will we let Trump set the whole world ablaze?