Donald at the Bat – Day 848b, Discrimination

Day 848b, Discrimination


The House just passed a bill that says one can’t discriminate

Against LGBTQ folks; but bigots fulminate.

They say the state must not abridge religious bigotry.

Since God says being gay is wrong, the state can’t disagree.


But, being gay is in our genes, as modern research shows, (1)

Contrary to the “Christian view”—an evil gay folks chose.

Creating something but then to denounce what He has done,

Makes God look fallible.  Should we give Him a mulligan? (2)


So Trump and the religious right kiss off LGBT.

They’re not afraid to openly defend their bigotry.

Discrimination is OK if you’re inspired by God.

Is this a good idea when their God just might be flawed?


We note that states have not yet ratified the ERA.

Discrimination based on sex, therefore, is still OK.

And, once more red, religious states want to discriminate

Against the women that God made and let men dominate.


And, what about abortion bans, how should a fetus fare,

A “right to life” until it’s born but then we do not care?

Again, right wing, religious (men,) a huge majority,

Vote to restrict a woman’s choice and cite their Deity.


If “We the People,” wrote our Constitution and not God,

May anybody, citing God, oppose what we’ve outlawed?

It seems red state, religious folks believe the answer’s, “Yes!”

Gird up your loins, democracy; we must not acquiesce.


(1)  Look up the X chromosome region, Xq28, first identified by Dean Hamer.

Hamer, D., et al, (1993) Science 261 (5119) 321-327.  You can also find a good discussion of this in Wikipedia.

(2)   A “mulligan” is a courtesy, “do-over” shot in golf from the same position, with no stroke penalty.