Donald at the Bat – Day 847, Trump’s Bid for Autocracy

Day 847, Trump’s Bid for Autocracy


Trump’s bid for autocracy: well underway,

Defying subpoenas holds Congress at bay.

His lawyers said, “Judge, our client won’t budge.”

(And he won’t much care if you rule yay or nay.)


Trump’s obvious goal is to make himself king.

He thinks, “Donald Primus” has such a nice ring.

Our concept of law just sticks in his craw.

Kings do what they want and that means, anything.


Those working for Donald must be sycophants.

And Trump lets them know who is wearing the pants.

The first was Mike Pence, (at his soul’s expense)

And, now William Barr has decided to dance.


One person on Earth really has Donald shook.

Was it from a video Russian spies took?

Did Vlad Putin see King Donald’s pee pee?

Is that why the Russians have Trump on the hook?


Republicans showed us that they just don’t care.

Their blatant hypocrisy has been laid bare.

Is stacking the courts so no one aborts,

Worth losing democracy?  Is that trade fair?


Trump can’t be an autocrat if we don’t bow.

McConnell and Graham both choose to kowtow.

They give him a pass and then kiss his ass,

Not caring at all if Trump bows to Moscow.


So, will we stand up and bring Donald to heel?

Or will we like many, instead choose to kneel?

We know Trump’s corrupt.  Are our souls bankrupt?

Gutting democracy, Trump’s “Art of the Deal.”