Donald at the Bat – Day 846, Roe v Wade

Day 846, Roe v Wade


The Red States don’t like Roe v Wade; one of their common dreams.

Is getting all abortions banned by Donald Trump’s Supremes.

So they all pass restrictive bills they want to go to court,

Where they hope for a ruling saying no one may abort.


At just about six weeks, a fetal heartbeat may be heard.

And that equates with independent life, some have inferred.

Red states are passing “heartbeat bills;” no one may terminate

An embryo six weeks along; (your period’s two weeks late.)


But Alabama takes the prize.  They’ve passed a total ban—

Conception, implantation, incest, rape, nobody can

Cause termination of a pregnancy: exceptions—none.

Abortion doctors go to jail like they have killed someone.


It’s mostly men controlling women’s rights, it would appear.

Objections to abortion are religious; that is clear.

But should right-wing, religious men control what women do?

Are women’s reproductive rights their own?  What is your view?