Donald at the Bat – Day 836, The Kentucky Derby

Day 836, The Kentucky Derby


Kentucky Derby’s winner was thrown out.

The films showed interference in the race.

The stewards said there wasn’t any doubt.

The winner now?  The horse in second place.


A huge amount of money had been bet.

A sixty five to one shot took it down.

How many long shot bettor’s shorts got wet?

How many favorite bettor’s shorts turned brown?


Of course, the Donald has now tweeted in.

“Disqualifying winners is not fair.”

Although he broke the rules, a win’s a win.

He cheated but, so what?  No one should care.


We all knew that’s what Donald Trump would think.

You do what you must do to climb on top.

And, to make sure you stay out of the clink,

It helps a lot when you hire your own cop.