Donald at the Bat – Day 835, The ‘Trumps’

Day 835, The “Trumps”


Republicans are showing symptoms they have caught the “Trumps,”

Caused by infectious viruses like measles and the mumps.

Encephalitis and orchitis: both may complicate

Exposure to the Trumps if you refuse to vaccinate.


The Trumps may cause resistance to the Congress and the courts.

The Constitution, just a fetus that the Trumps aborts.

Encephalitis rots the brain and judgment, day by day.

Orchitis kills the gonads and your courage melts away.


With brain and gonads gone, the virus next attacks the soul,

Cremates it in a smoky cloud like we see burning coal.

The anti-vaxxers, febrile Earth, both help the virus spread.

Dead brains, dead gonads, and dead souls, and soon the nation’s dead.


What can we do when evidence is clear but still ignored.

So some embrace behavior that they formally abhorred?

When God saw that the Israelites had made a calf of gold,

He poured his wrath upon them.  Will that story be retold?