Donald at the Bat – Day 834, Constitutional Law?

Day 834, Constitutional Law?


The gauntlet is thrown, the duel engaged,

The Democrats, men and women, enraged.

The White House, Treasury, and DOJ

Defy all subpoenas coming their way.


Dick Nixon defied subpoenas before.

And now, Donald Trump defies them once more.

When President Nixon lost in The Court,

Of course he complied.  He was a good sport.


But if Donald Trump should lose a court fight

And still not comply, Bill Barr won’t indict.

It’s up to the House to vote to impeach.

That’s all that we’re left; it’s not overreach.


Constitutional law under attack…

The courts, the House, voters: who’ll have its back?

Trump just likes to fight to show off his strength

(And compensate for a short penis length?)