Donald at the Bat – Day 837, Democrats Look Like Americans Do

Day 837, Democrats Look Like Americans Do


The Democrats look like Americans do.

And Americans look like all of mankind.

Europeans, Asians, and Africans, too:

Here, all races on Earth are being combined.


Religions diversified over the Earth.

Monotheists: Christians and Muslims and Jews.

Beliefs are incidental products of birth;

They’re like our first language, not something we choose.


The Democrats practice all three, also none,

With Buddhists and Hindus stirred into the mix.

Republicans mostly have stuck with just one.

But Democrats, counting the Atheists: six.


We’ve had our two genders for millions of years,

We humans comprise both the females and males.

More women in office, more right-winger fears,

As white men no longer feel wind in their sails.


Republicans are a more uniform group.

In Congress, they’re mostly just white, Christian men.

They’re missing ingredients that spice the soup,

That’s making it harder and harder to win.


Republicans bow down to power and wealth.

They also fool bigots to vote for their cause.

Though their legislation is bad for your health,

Rich backers have money; that’s their escape clause.


When you go to movies or watch your TV,

See actors, directors, and writers of shows,

You will surely notice their diversity.

Variety translates to right-winger woes.


Diversity is what conservatives fear.

White bigots are kicking back just like a mule.

As women and people of color appear

Demanding that we practice the Golden Rule.


“Democracy” literally means, “people power.”

So, losing the people costs power as well.

The threat of lost power means dark storm clouds lower,

Autocracy coming; get ready for hell.


Is that why Republicans back Donald Trump?

They’ll give up Democracy to keep control?

But what use is Congress if Donald can trump

Any law they may pass?  (For that is his goal.)