Donald at the Bat – Day 828, Deja vu, All Over Again

Day 828, Déjà vu, All Over Again


The NRA convention is today.

A synagogue was shot up this Shabbat.

Gun rights supported by the NRA

Increasingly mean worshippers get shot.


“The other:” Muslims, gays, brown-skinned, the Jews,

By just existing, fill some folks with hate.

Our social media help light a fuse

Attached to bombs prepared to detonate.


Such crimes of hate continue on the rise.

Here in our country, white supremacists,

Emboldened, make no effort to disguise

Their hate for any “other” that exists.


Today more people died because they’re Jews.

From pharaoh to the Nazis of our age,

To hate the Jews is common; it’s not news.

Read history, it’s there on every page.


The president has helped to stoke the fire.

He said, “Fine people…” marched in Charlottesville;

When he stands up to lead the bigot choir,

They sing along and then go out and kill.


What have we done to stop this?  Thoughts and prayer

And Congress stands in silence for a while.

Forgive me, but that means that they don’t care.

And white supremacists suppress a smile.