Donald at the Bat – Day 829, Another Jew Was Killed

Day 829, Another Jew Was Killed


Someone was killed because she was a Jew.

Through history, that’s something people do.

Although that statement stuns,

With swords or gas or guns,

They’re murdered; we all know that’s nothing new.


And yet, the Jewish people seem to thrive.

“L Chaim,” toasts that we are still alive.

Though we have been expelled,

Where driven, we’ve excelled,

Annoying bigots as we all survive.


Does jealousy drive animosity?

Success, though an oppressed minority?

A still unwelcome guest,

No matter how suppressed,

Surviving every form of bigotry.


The Jews gave to the world One Deity,

Which Christians first changed to a Trinity.

And then, the scimitar

And, “Allahu akbar!”

The rest, as people say, is history.


©Stephen Baird, April 28, 2019