Donald at the Bat – Day 828, (C)rock of Ages

Day 828, (C)rock of Ages

(may be sung to Rock of Ages)


Donald Trump is losing it.

Every day he throws a fit.

Now he knows he wasn’t cleared

By Bob Mueller, as he feared.

“No collusion,” his refrain,

But the evidence is plain.


No crime of conspiracy

But collusion’s plain to see.

Donald let the Russians in;

Russians helped the Donald win.

Though they did not sign a pact,

They colluded; that’s a fact.


“No obstruction,” also claimed,

But ten instances were named.

Trump denies them, every one,

But it’s clear the deeds were done.

Trump has lied to us before;

He’s a liar at his core.


Congress says, “It’s now our turn.”

That makes Donald’s stomach burn

And the smoke pour from his ears.

It’s the sum of all his fears.

Donald won’t cooperate;

Like King Louis, Trump’s the state. (1)


Is the country waking up

To the lies Trump’s making up?

Will the courts let Trump obstruct,

Or will Donald self-destruct?

Every time Trump throws a fit,

He sinks deeper in the shit.


(1)  King Louis XIV of France, 1638-1715, who said, “L’etat, c’est moi.” (I am the state.)