Donald at the Bat – Day 827, God’s Fault?

Day 827, God’s Fault?


Pete Buttigieg has told us he is gay.

So Franklin Graham said Pete must repent.

Pete Buttigieg said God made him “that way.”

But Graham thinks that all gays are hellbent.


The Bible says that being gay’s a sin. (1)

And that implies it’s something you can choose.

The proof that it’s a choice is mighty thin.

More likely it’s our genes we should accuse.


There is a region on X chromosomes,

That’s common to those men who know they’re gay. (2)

We’ve shown that to whomever this gene homes,

A man may find out he turned out “that way.”


And that means that Pete Buttigieg is right,

That Pence and Graham’s quarrel is with God.

To say that God makes gays is impolite

But is it man’s or God’s “choice” that is “flawed?”


So, Graham’s wrong and Buttigieg correct.

But facts are something Graham will reject.


(1)  Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13.

(2)  Hamer, D., et al, (1993) Science 261: pp 321-327, and many follow-up studies which show that the region on the X chromosome, Xq28, as well as a region on chromosome 8, have a significant influence on male but not female homosexuality.