Donald at the Bat – Day 826a, The Autocrat? & Day 826b, Bull With His Own China Shop

Day 826, The Autocrat?


Trump’s making his bid for autocracy,

Attempting to geld our democracy.

He’ll first neuter Congress, then next the courts,

To leave us with his kakistocracy.


Then, after the Donald castrates the courts,

Will it be the press he kicks in the shorts?

Trump wants to be king; there’s no doubt of that.

Kings like controlling newspaper reports.


Trump is not yet king; there’s still doubt of that.

We’d do well to heed this grim caveat;

We might not survive Trump’s frontal attack,

When laws will be used as Donald’s doormat.


How should we react to Donald’s attack?

And how can we get democracy back?

It’s either impeach or vote Donald out,

To leave with Barr riding Trump piggyback.


It will take a fight to throw Donald out.

So gird up your loins, poke him in the snout.

Trump will not fight fair; he will lie and cheat.

There isn’t a law that Donald won’t flout.


Trump is a narcissist, liar and cheat;

His whole life is rife with sleaze and deceit.

We can’t let this tyrant become a king

And our Constitution suffer defeat.


Trade our Constitution for Trump as king?

What further disasters might King Trump bring?

As freedoms are lost with autocracy,

Trump’s tweets will become the one song we sing.


Day 826b, Bull With His Own China Shop


Big Bull, who carries his own china shop,

Swamp warden, adding more gators and snakes,

Garbage collector, who pours in more slop,

Scalp treatment adding some more dandruff flakes.


This is our president, flouting all rules,

The laws, Constitution, science and facts.

Trump’s faithful followers, his useful tools,

Damning facts mounting, show minimal cracks.


Liar and narcissist, no empathy,

All right wing senators still on his side.

Tyranny threatens; they show apathy,

Our Constitution, no longer their guide.


Compromise principles to back this man?

Democracy dumped in Donald’s trash can.