Donald at the Bat – Day 825, Is Trump Compromised?

Day 825, Is Trump Compromised?


What does Vlad Putin want to do?  Wreck NATO and EU.

And, why did he think Donald Trump would help his dreams come true?

Vlad has to have Trump compromised; Trump’s ass is in a sling.

What is the nature of the feces Vladimir might fling?


It’s likely to be money; we know money motivates

The Donald to do everything.  Its prospect captivates.

It’s money owed to others or it’s money he might make,

Or both at once; it’s money that makes Donald shake and bake.


That must be why Trump wants to hide his finances from view.

We might confirm that he’s a crook but that is nothing new.

At any time, might Vlad tell Trump, “It’s time to pay your bills.”?

We all know paying bills is something that gives Donald chills.


If Trump is so subservient because he’s compromised,

Which threatens our security, must he be exorcised?

We have to know, is he a crook, a putz, or simply nuts?

Will he let Putin stick a knife in Europe’s and our guts?


Is Donald Putin’s puppet?  He might be; we need to know.

A cancer on Democracy?  We all know cancers grow.

The remedy is surgery; you cut the cancer out

Or it will keep on growing.  Of that fact, there is no doubt.


Whose fault is it?  It’s clearly ours; we got what we deserved.

We didn’t exercise enough; we ate what Donald served.

And Trump is fat and ignorant; and we’ve become like him,

So, prospects for long life for our democracy grow slim.