Donald at the Bat – Day 824, A Couple of Facebook Ads

Day 824, A Couple of Facebook Ads


“A couple of Facebook ads.”  Is that all the Russians did?

In Jared Kushner’s interview, that’s all, but God forbid,

There was pervasive interference.  Donald welcomed it.

And that’s what Robert Mueller found.  It’s not just gerbil shit.


No interest in the Russian threat, Trump must be compromised.

He has to know they helped him and were highly organized.

He asked them to hack Hillary and did it on TV.

He praised their dumps through WikiLeaks for all of us to see.


So, why did Putin favor Trump?  Are Trump’s nuts in a vise?

Just what could Putin do to Trump?  We know Vlad isn’t nice.

And Trump is blocking everything, so no one can find out.

We need to know Vlad’s motives; there’s an information drought.


Since William Barr will not indict, the Congress has to act.

But their subpoenas constipate the Trump digestive tract.

So far, the Donald’s White House has said they will not comply

With anything that Congress wants.  “Screw you,” is Trump’s reply.


In 2016, Donald won.  He thinks that made him king.

No one can tell him what to do: no one, not anything.

So screw the Democrats and Congress, they can go to hell.

And, if the courts don’t find for Trump, will he tell them as well?


Trump wants to be an autocrat; that much is very clear.

Who needs a Congress or the courts?  Hear Trump’s base voters jeer.

His faithful thirty five per cent—will they see Donald through?

We’ll know Trump thinks they will when he tells courts, “Hey, screw you, too!”