Donald at the Bat – Day 823, Trump’s Latest Lawsuit

Day 823, Trump’s Latest Lawsuit


Financial matters Trump is hiding must be serious.

His lawyers filed a lawsuit that is mighty curious.

The Congress may not see the Donald’s taxes at this time.

His tax returns just might reveal some “evidence of crime.”


“Well, duh,” you say, “Of course, that’s why the Congress wants to look.”

And Trump has just admitted that they may find he’s a crook.

But crime is something legislators can’t investigate,

For Trump’s Executive does that, then courts adjudicate.


At least that’s what Trump’s lawyers say; the Congress may not snoop

Into the Donald’s taxes if they’re covered with his poop.

It’s likely that all courts will think this suit is asinine

And tell Trump and his lawyers, “Stuff it where the sun don’t shine.”


But that’s the claim that Donald makes for keeping his books closed.

For, if we get a look at them, then Trump just might get hosed.

To get to be an autocrat, you can’t have oversight

And Democrats, so far, have all been nothing but a blight.


The GOP will go along; at least they have, so far.

And they will ride with Donald ‘til the wheels come off the car.

They need to know that loyalty to Trump just goes one way.

Your worth to Donald is: what have you done for him today?