Donald at the Bat – Day 822, The Mind of Man

Day 822, The Mind of Man


How wondrous is the mind of man!,

The mysteries we’ve solved.

We questioned how all life began,

Created or evolved?


The scientific facts are clear,

Which some try to refute.

Religious faith that they hold dear

Commands them to dispute.


So, there is faith and there is fact,

Both properties of mind.

And we defend both when attacked,

Dispute not far behind.


The Earth is warming, we have learned,

From measurements each year.

It’s fossil fuels we have burned

And CO2, that’s clear.


The fossil fuel industry,

Right wing politicos:

To keep their profits flowing free,

Dispute what science knows.


So, there are facts and there is greed,

Both properties of mind.

When facts confront an evil creed,

Dispute not far behind.


Our vaccinations stop disease.

Note: smallpox is long gone.

The “anti-vaxxer” disagrees,

So measles marches on.


Research on vaccine side effects

Shows measles is far worse,

Clear facts that “anti-vax” rejects.

Their stubbornness, perverse.


They cite autism, mercury,

(Both clearly not a threat)

As reasons to stay vaccine free.

No facts crack their mind-set.


So, there are facts and ignorance,

Both properties of mind.

Match ignorance and common sense,

Dispute not far behind.


The Russians helped out Donald Trump;

They dumped emails they hacked.

Trump benefited from each dump,

Just Democrats attacked.


Electing to cooperate

When Russians broke the law

And choosing next to obfuscate,

Rubbed moral nerve ends raw.


When CIA and FBI

Looked into Putin’s deeds,

The Donald backed the Russian guy,

For Putin met his needs.


So, there is truth and there are lies,

Both properties of mind.

The guilty lie; that’s no surprise,

Dispute not far behind.


When Trump learned we’d investigate

How Russia interfered,

The word he yelled means “penetrate,”

A probe was what he feared.


He fired the head of FBI,

Intending to obstruct,

Sent Sarah Sanders out to lie;

She ducked and danced and shucked.


Then Robert Mueller came aboard;

Now his report is out.

Condemnatory facts have poured

From Bob’s fire hydrant spout.


How wondrous is the mind of man!

How will this be resolved?

Will facts knock down Trump’s barbican?

Have truth and law dissolved?