Donald at the Bat – Day 821, More Mueller

Day 821, More Mueller


Although “exonerated,” Donald’s trashing Bob’s report.

The findings and the facts therein may yet land Trump in court.

The object of Trump’s wrath today is mostly Don McGahn.

He told the truth to Mueller, did not lie to save “The Man.”


It seems McGahn’s disloyalty was fueled by taking notes.

Exactly what Trump said and did may someday cost him votes.

Trump’s base is pretty solid still; in Donald they still trust.

Though Romney read Bob’s words and felt revulsion and disgust.


Could Mueller’s words eventually help unify the land?

Well, sadly it seems not; too few have modified their stand.

Though truth and justice are OK, with power on the line,

For some, just “unindicted” works, though Donald is a swine.


From Mueller’s findings, it is clear that Donald has contempt

For facts and truth; from law and justice, he should be exempt.

The Constitution, contracts, laws, and scientific facts,

All, in the heat of Donald’s wrath, will melt like candle wax.


Steve Bannon, theologian, said it was God’s Providence

That sent us Donald.  Do you think that God might take offence?

Did God speak to Steve Bannon and are His intentions clear?

(First it was Clinton, now it is the Pope that Steve will smear.)


When facts don’t matter and some even say Trump is God’s will,

It looks like his supporters may ignore Trump’s sewer swill.

Is this the castle to defend, with sewage for a moat?

They’ll find the Donald’s BS just too much to sugarcoat.