Donald at the Bat – Day 820, Trump and Russian “Cooperation”

Day 820, Trump and Russian “Cooperation”


Way back in 2014, Putin’s Russkies started out

To see if they could put the West’s alliances to rout.

Defeating Clinton in ’16, a big part of their plan,

They looked at likely candidates and Donald was their man.


Since Donald needed money, Putin dangled him a tower.

They’d build and do the financing, a tower to Donald’s power.

Besides the building and the money, they could help Trump win.

Big money, huge erection…Donald Trump said, “Deal me in.”


Then lots of Russians started meeting with the Donald’s boys.

They kept the meetings secret, did not want to make much noise.

The Russians helped the Trump campaign with email hacks and dumps.

They always went for Hillary’s but never Donald Trump’s.


Cooperation?  Collusion? Conspiracy?  All three?

Was anything they did a crime?  If not, why secrecy?

Will Donald Trump admit the Russian interference now?

And how about in 2020, what will he allow?


Since everyone but Putin says that Russians interfered,

And that includes “his” AG, Barr, who said that Trump was cleared,

Will Donald Trump conclude today that Putin lied to him?

And, if he doesn’t, does that mean he’s compromised, or dim?


Meanwhile, will Democrats decide that they ought to impeach?

But, if they can’t convict him, is that unwise overreach?

Republicans don’t seem to mind Trump’s slime, grime, crime and sleaze.

So getting a conviction clearly can’t be done with ease.