Donald at the Bat – Day 819b, The Inferno Awaits

Day 819 b, The Inferno Awaits


When you read what Bob Mueller found, collusion did occur,

Cooperation with the Russians clear; it’s not obscure.

So why does Bill Barr say there wasn’t?  Why the subterfuge?

It simply makes the AG look like he is Donald’s stooge.


A sad day for America, the president’s a crook

And William Barr enables him.  Barr’s also on the hook.

Our country has elected Trump.  We also are at fault.

Will country and democracy survive such and assault?


Bob Mueller told us all today exactly what went on.

Collusion and obstruction: both cry out, “Trump must be gone!”

It’s up to us to exorcise and purify our souls

Or our whole country goes to hell and roasts on glowing coals.


There’s nothing further to be said; our problem’s clear as that.

This is no time for patriots to practice pitapat.

Our institutions may not stand with this huge fire inside.

Though Notre Dame just barely did, she had God on her side.