Donald at the Bat – Day 819, The Transparent Whitewash

Day 819, The Transparent Whitewash


Bill Barr did what he told us he would do,

Exonerated Trump for what he did.

Collusion?  Barr says that’s flushed down the loo.

And, on obstruction, Barr screwed down the lid.


For William Barr found what he said he’d find,

That Justice has no reason to indict.

The press and Democrats kicked Trump’s behind,

Which made him angry, mad enough to fight.


Obstruction?  No, for Trump is president.

Though Mueller listed ten specific acts,

We can’t discern what each of these acts meant;

We can’t discern intent from just ten facts.


The Donald answered written questions but

He took a pass some thirty seven times,

Three dozen times when Donald’s mind slammed shut

On things that, if recalled, might just be crimes.


And Barr did not ask Mueller what he thought,

Did Bob think Congress ought to get involved?

Barr’s working with the pages that he got.

As far as Barr’s concerned, it’s all resolved.


But Barr glossed over why Trump has denied

That Putin’s actions helped when he campaigned.

And why Trump’s people, to a man, all lied

About the Russian contacts they maintained.


So Bob Barr has presented Trump’s defense.

Now Congress gets to look at Bob’s report.

Redactions mean a battle will commence;

To see the whole report, they’ll go to court.


Trump tweeted it’s “game over,” but we know,

In actuality, it just began.

The heat of the dispute will surely grow.

Will combat in the streets spread man to man?