Donald at the Bat – Day 818, Mueller’s Day?

Day 818, Mueller’s Day?


Tomorrow is Bob Mueller’s day, or will it be Bill Barr’s?

Debate is raging on TV, in academe, and bars.

Redaction will conceal some words.  Will it hide what they meant?

Will what’s released when we read it, be Bob’s or Bill’s intent?


Bill Barr was AG once before, served for Bush Forty One.

Before the Congress, he stonewalled what DOJ had done.

And now he’s done it once again; his Mueller “summary,”

Was said by some of Mueller’s team to reek of flummery.


When Bill applied to Donald Trump, he wrote that presidents

Are basically above the law, no matter evidence.

Although Bob Mueller did not clear the Donald, Bill Barr did.

Whatever evidence he read, he closed the toilet lid.


So we will watch the AG hide and watch the Congress sue.

And, if the Congress wins in court, then what will Bill Barr do?

Will someone on Bob Mueller’s team leak out the whole report?

If Barr obstructed justice, then who will take him to court?


And meanwhile, Donald’s lawyers are preparing their response

To Trump’s “exoneration.”  They lack Donald’s nonchalance.

If Trump’s exonerated, why does he need more defense?

Which one of these positions is not making any sense?


We’re all on pins and needles.  William Barr will take the stage

And share with us the Mueller probe and each redacted page.

If that’s a large percentage, no one will be satisfied

Except perhaps for Donald Trump, who has a lot to hide.


And now we’ve learned that Mueller will not be there with Bill Barr.

Pursuing truth and justice, Bill is lowering the bar.

Why should Barr tell us what Bob wrote?  Can’t Bob speak for himself?

Does Bill hope Bob’s report will stay stuck in a locked bookshelf?