Donald at the Bat – DAy 816, Trump’s Strategy

Day 816, Trump’s Strategy


Trump’s strategy is crystal clear;

He’s setting us aflame.

He’s stoking up our hate and fear,

A reckless, dangerous game.


If you’re a Muslim or you’re brown,

Then you’re the enemy,

A threat to bring our country down,

And easiest to see.


If you’re a Muslim and you’re brown,

Like Rep. Ilhan Omar,

And wear your hijab like a crown,

Then you’re the worst, by far.


The Democrats that Trump must beat,

A polyethnic lot,

Must do more than march in the street.

Real battles must be fought.


Trump’s tough guy image is a scam;

It satisfies his id.

When it got hot, like Viet Nam,

Then Donald ran and hid.


So, take the fight to Donald Trump;

Give him a bloody nose.

Give him a swift kick in the rump

And he will decompose.


Another tactic to refine

And use to make Trump choke,

Is turn him into a punch line,

For Trump can’t take a joke.


The Donald is no lion king,

Bravado, all veneer.

With bullies, it’s all posturing,

Real fights are what they fear.