Donald at the Bat – Day 812, Wikileaks

Day 812, Wikileaks


Assange has been arrested!  TV sets all blare the news.

Will he be extradited?  Yes, unless the Brits refuse.

He dumped the Chelsea Manning hacks way back in 2010.

And then, in 2016, his dumps helped the Donald win.


For Wikileaks was founded to embarrass governments.

Their dumps of Russian hacking gave us Donald Trump and Pence.

If we lean hard on Julian, will he tell what he knows

Of who, what, when, where, why, and how the Russian plot arose?


The Russians helped the Donald; there is now no doubt of that.

But why would they help Donald Trump to beat the Democrat?

Will William Barr let Robert Mueller back on the attack?

And, if he doesn’t, does he fear that Trump’s defense might crack?


Two pounds of shit, a one pound bag, is that what we just got?

What more might Wikileaks leak now that Julian’s been caught?

Was Roger Stone plugged in as he first said and then denied?

Stone was a “dirty trickster;” will Assange now open wide?


Both Trump and Barr said there was spying on the Trump campaign.

(We first were watching Russians, then saw Trump’s folks; that is plain.)

Then all of Trump’s folks lied about the Russians they talked to.

Is that not quite suspicious?  Wouldn’t you look further, too?


The Donald, on the campaign trail, sang praise for Wikileaks.

(We haven’t proven he colluded with Assange’s geeks.)

Trump now says he knows nothing, “Wikileaks is not my thing.”

It was in 2016; is Trump’s ass back in a sling?