Donald at the Bat – Day 811, Only Crooks Need Apply

Day 811, Only Crooks Need Apply

The Donald’s in a pickle;

He needs men who’ll break the laws.

His style is crass and fickle,

Two more semi-fatal flaws.


And there’s one more requirement;

Donald only hires “yes men.”

The Cabinet’s environment

Is the worst it’s ever been.


The latest Secretary

That the Donald has just fired

Should make all others wary

The first minute they are hired.


On folks who seek asylum

She just wasn’t mean enough.

Trump says we should revile ‘em;

Current laws are a cream puff.


So Donald isn’t kidding;

If you want to work for him,

Then you have to do his bidding;

And the laws?  Just ignore them.


You have to follow orders

(Though they change from day to day.)

Those brown folks at the borders,

You must simply turn away.


Should Trump be autocratic,

Issue orders on a whim?

Compliance automatic,

Even when the thinking’s dim?


Above all criticism,

May Trump disregard the law?

Does that portend fascism?

Are we reaching a last straw?


The Donald’s model servant

Is Attorney General Barr.

Unless you’re unobservant,

His behavior is bizarre.


Trump cannot be indicted.

Barr ignores the evidence.

He told us he decided,

“Can’t do that to presidents.”