Donald at the Bat – Day 810, DHS

Day 810, DHS


Trump is decapitating DHS.

And what is left behind?  A bloody mess.

First Kirstjen Nielsen was forced to resign.

Then heads kept rolling far on down the line.


The head of Secret Service had big ears,

The reason for his firing, it appears.

Trump called him, “Dumbo,” and made fun of him,

This man who pledged his life protecting him.


It seems that Nielsen was not mean enough,

Though she put kids in cages, which sounds rough.

She could not stop the migrants who arrive

And that meant that she could not long survive.


And, over all we see Steve Miller’s hand,

A man whose goal in life is: keep our land

Pure, white, without one brown-skinned refugee

From “huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.