Donald at the Bat – Day 809, Bibi and Donald

Day 809, Bibi and Donald


Since Bibi Netanyahu and the Donald are allies,

Folk heroes to their bases, this should come as no surprise:

Should Bibi annex West Bank settlements?  Trump would say, “Yes.”

Thus, every year, the Palestinians have less and less.


The right wing Jews say Donald Trump is Israel’s best friend.

His lying, cheating, racist ways are norms they’ll gladly bend.

Like Kourosh, king of Persia, Donald gives them back the land (1)

That Yahweh gave to Abraham and his small migrant band.


Jerusalem, the capital, the Golan Heights annexed:

Is all of that what Yahweh meant?  You’ll have to check the text. (2)

That’s what the right wing Jews believe: “The River to the Sea,

“Is what God promised Abraham and now is meant for me.”


But Abraham’s descendents must include the Arabs, too.

The Arabs come from Ishmael; they have a right to sue.

For God told Abraham, “I give this land unto your seed.” (3)

Both Ishmael and Isaac were his sons; it’s clear, just read. (4)


And, they still quarrel as they did four thousand years ago.

Two sons, one land, the Western World is not simpatico.

But Christians need a State of Israel for Christ’s return.

Of course, they also need the Arab’s oil reserves to burn.


Though Christendom has hung the term, “Christ killers,” on the Jews.

It’s worse than that; the Jews found God but then they would refuse

To make their God a man, an idol, and then bend the knee

Like all the Greeks and Romans did.  To Jews, that’s blasphemy.


So, anti-Semitism, meaning “hatred of the Jew,”

Has been a part of Christendom.  Its toxic residue

Has led to centuries of murder, finally Holocaust.

Six million lives bought Israel; they paid too high a cost.


Crusades against the Muslims, Holocaust against the Jews,

The West can’t rid itself of them, these brothers who refuse

To go away or get along.  Is Donald what they need?

Give Bibi everything he wants?  Will peace be guaranteed?


No, clearly not.  And, after all, that isn’t Bibi’s goal.

He wants, “the river to the sea.”  That’s deep down in his soul.

With that goal, any peace initiatives are bound to fail.

And, what might happen if both Trump and Bibi go to jail?


  1. Kourosh (Cyrus) the Great, ~600-530 BCE.  King of Persia who defeated the Babylonian empire and let the captive Jews return to Jerusalem, led by Nehemiah and Ezra.  They rebuilt the Temple destroyed by Nebuchadnezzer in 586 BCE. He also took thousands of captive Jews to Babylon.
  2. See the Book of Genesis, starting with Chapter 12.
  3. Genesis 12:7.
  4. Genesis 16-18.