Donald at the Bat – Day 807, Our Country Is Full

Day 807, Our Country Is Full


“Our country is full; asylum’s a scam.”

Brown people and drugs come, wave after wave.

So Trump is closing his shell like a clam.

His base claps and shouts as they hear him rave.


Though brown folks have problems, keep them down there,

The poverty, rape, and murder each day.

Whatever they face, Trump just doesn’t care.

He tells them, “Keep out and just go away.”


That’s Trump’s core message; to keep his base pissed.

Dump on socialism (and help the rich.)

Obamacare cancelled (it won’t be missed.)

Will these make Trump’s base’s hemorrhoids itch?


Priests, preachers, imams, and rabbis: speak out!

True, some of you do but they are too few.

Your cohort just murmers when it should shout.

Is that not what scripture tells you to do?


Brothers and sisters: we’re one family.

Our scriptures and science both tell us so.

Why isn’t hatred an anomaly?

Clergy and presidents: what do you sow?


Is our country full?  Asylum a scam?

Aren’t these both lies?  And, do you give a damn?