Donald at the Bat – Day 806, Trump’s Tax Returns

Day 806, Trump’s Tax Returns


The Democrats in Congress asked to see Trump’s tax returns.

House Ways and Means, law on their side, Trump’s stomach acid burns.

They asked the IRS directly; Donald has no say.

The law says that they must comply, so here comes Judgment Day.


They’ve asked to see Trump’s last six years, all his shell companies.

And that gives Trump no place to hide, weak feeling in the knees.

He says he’s under audit, the excuse he used before.

The law makes no exceptions; that dodge won’t work anymore.


Mnuchin at the Treasury, implied he won’t comply.

The law says it is not his call; House Ways and Means may pry.

It seems that there are no more doors that Donald Trump may close,

Which means we’ll see the Emperor parading without clothes.


If there was no collusion, why does Trump kiss Putin’s ass?

Just what is in Vlad’s GI tract that Trump hopes he will pass?

We speculate that Russian money has Trump compromised

And that’s why we would like to see all his loans itemized.


Since Donald ran for office, money has been pouring in

From here and there and everywhere, a crime or just a sin?

Has he received emoluments?  The Saudis come to mind.

There’s likely lots of gold to find when tax returns are mined.


The Donald is a nonpareil as liar and as crook.

What will be in his tax returns?  Let Congress take a look.