Donald at the Bat – Day 806, The Sum of All Our Fears

Day 806, The Sum of All Our Fears


Is Barr misrepresenting what the Mueller team has found?

When he said a few ounces did they really find a pound?

Barr cleared Trump of obstruction and he did it right away.

From Barr’s job application, we all knew that’s what he’d say.


Was there exoneration?  No, there wasn’t, Mueller wrote.

But Barr ignored that finding.  Is he filling up the moat?

Is he protecting Trump from us or us from Donald Trump?

Did justice just run into Bill Barr’s corpulent speed bump?


The Democrats all want to read the Mueller team report

And the grand jury evidence; Bill Barr should go to court

And ask that it be sent to Congress.  Though Barr will not indict,

The Congress might impeach and they are ready for a fight.


Bill Barr is not Trump’s lawyer; theoretically, he’s ours.

But he’s withholding evidence.  Is that one of his powers?

Should Donald get away with crimes because he’s president?

Dick Nixon tried that trick; the Court said, “No;” that’s precedent.


The Russians and the Trump campaign: let’s find out what transpired—

Colluded or manipulated, maybe not conspired—

Bob Mueller said it’s very clear the Russians interfered

And Trump’s campaign all lied about it.  Minimally, it’s weird.


Then, after his election, Donald Trump took Putin’s word

And not what all his experts said about what had occurred.

We must admit we don’t know why.  The reason can’t be good.

And, even though we don’t know yet, we know damn well we should.


Can Congress save our country from the ravages of Trump?

A third of us support him still.  When Trump goes on the stump,

He gives the same old speech; his audience still claps and cheers.

It isn’t Trump; it’s we who are the sum of all our fears.