Donald at the Bat – Day 805, “Subpoena lacta Est” (1)

Day 805, “Subpoena Iacta Est!” (1)


The Democrats want to see the report

That Bob Mueller sent to the AG last week.

At first, Donald said he’d be a good sport

But he’s changed his tune; their case is too weak.


Though Bob Mueller said he couldn’t indict,

He also declined to exonerate.

So Trump has implied he’s joining the fight

To help William Barr in slamming the gate.


What does Donald fear that Bob Mueller said?

What has Mueller found that we must not know?

What did Mueller write that’s best left unread?

What can’t Trump conceal with gaslight and snow?


Subpoenas will fly and partisans rise,

“To the barricades!”  (Well, really the courts,)

Democracy, truth: these two are the prize.

We must see the facts that Donald distorts.


With battle lines drawn and legions arrayed,

What will we find out when all facts are weighed?


  1. See “Alea iacta est!” (The die is cast!) attributed to Julius Caesar when he crossed the Rubicon river in Northern Italy with his legions in 49 BC.  The exact wording is, of course, a matter for scholarly dispute. Six years later, Caesar was assassinated by several Roman senators because he wanted to be named dictator.