Donald at the Bat – Day 813, Elizabeth Warren’s Tax Plan

Day 813, Elizabeth Warren’s Tax Plan


When Amazon reported that they made ten billion bucks

And then paid zero taxes, due to Trump’s tax cut deluxe,

We also learned that sixty corporations paid no tax.

While taxes for the middle class went up; those are the facts.


So Lizzie Warren wants to make the corporations pay.

They benefit from being here and yet they get away

With paying nothing to maintain the country of their birth,

Where they have grown and have amassed their billions of net worth.


So, Warren wants to tax the corporations who have made

A hundred million bucks each year, a tax they can’t evade.

The minimum percent is seven, that they all must pay.

And that would raise a trillion bucks in ten years, by the way.


This tax is meant for companies who just got off scot free.

(These companies paid less in tax than folks like you and me.)

They’ve bought back stocks to raise the price; they’ll further automate.

What happened then to all the jobs that Trump said they’d create?


They manufacture overseas where salaries are low.

(Ivanka makes her clothes in China, something you should know.)

Big companies spread worldwide; one great big economy.

It’s been that way for decades now; that’s not the enemy.


But governments who screw the poor and give more to the rich,

Eventually will leave their workers mired in a ditch.

We must do an about-face if we want to “keep us great.”

We’re all in this together and we must cooperate.


If there’s continued fighting to see who will come out first,

The most aggressive likely win; the rest are liverwurst.

As dominance shifts back and forth, no one wins all the time;

The working pawns get sacrificed, the chess game paradigm.


So Warren’s tax proposal is unquestionably fair;

Rich people and rich companies must ante up their share.

We’ll have the cash to train our folks as change comes through the years.

For change is coming and that means that most must change careers.