Donald at the Bat – Day 802, Closing the Border

Day 802, Closing the Border


The Donald said some awful things about the Mexicans.

Such bigotry goes over well with Trump Republicans.

Trump says he’ll shut the border unless Mexico prevents

The Guatemalans coming through, which we know Trump resents.


El Salvador and Guatemala are both failed states.

For, gangs and drugs and murder are the region’s common traits.

The poor folks who were born there all feel that they have to leave.

It’s just the rich folks at the top who have no cause to grieve.


If Donald shuts the border down, we’ll lose a lot of trade,

Six hundred billion dollars worth, from contracts that we’ve made.

Our stores will lose both customers and workers they have hired.

Our citizens have houses there, both rich folks and retired.


Is Mexico tormenting Trump for all the things he said?

Encouraging asylum seekers, playing with his head?

And now, will Donald screw us all since he can’t get his way?

Would it be better to say, “Bienvenido,” to Jose?